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What Is Important To Us

    At Endless Love, we understand how hard it is to leave your four-legged kids. We also know it can be hard on them, so we do everything possible to help them enjoy their stay. We have strict procedures we adhere to in order to ensure the safety and happiness of your babies.

    Our first staff arrives at 5:30am, seven days a week, ready to cheerfully (although sometimes a little sleepily) greet your babies, prepare their breakfast, take them outside and give meds. We are very detailed with everything we do at ELPP. All info is communicated to the changing shifts throughout the day and evening.

    We do not let our bigger dogs go out in large groups. We prefer to find each one a "buddy" to go out with. If we know the dogs well, we will allow a couple more boarders to join them. We temperament test all our dogs before putting them together and there is always a caregiver outside with them. They are Never left outside alone. We will allow up to six smaller dogs to be out together. We also temperament test before adding them to a specific group, and as with all our boarders, a caregiver is with them at all times.

    Because of the extended hours we cover, if a boarder is on meds that need to be given twice a day, twelve hours apart, we are able to administer them as prescribed.

    We always try to do what is best for your babies. We will always go the extra mile for them because we understand how much they mean to you. At ELPP, it is always about the babies and their happiness. We very much appreciate everyone who allows us to care for their babies!!!

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