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3 Ways to Keep Your Cat Safe While On Vacation

Going on a vacation is an exciting time for everyone. It's a chance to finally relax, have some fun, and get away from your worries. However, it can be stressful for many pet owners because of their beloved companions being left behind. It's essential for both you and your cat to make sure they are safe while you're away. After all, how can you enjoy your vacation when you're busy worrying if your feline friend is doing alright back home? Before you set out on your adventure, you need to ensure that they can survive and live happily when you leave! 


  1. Make Sure It Has Everything It Needs

It goes without saying that your pet still needs to eat and drink while you're away. Make sure you stock up on enough food and water for your cat, depending on how long you'll be away. It doesn't hurt to leave out more food and water than you think it will consume just to be on the safe side. You may want to invest in an automatic pet feeder and a water fountain if you plan on being away for a decently long time. These will ensure that your pet has enough of what it needs to keep going. Also, if you don't want them to go to the toilet all over the house, make sure their litter box is clean before you leave, and maybe invest in another one if they don't like using it dirty!


  1. Take Away Any Dangers

No matter how brilliant your pet is, they simply can't comprehend what could be dangerous to them as humans do. If you're leaving your kitty unsupervised, many potential hazards around your house may harm a curious cat. Here are some things you should look out for:


  • Household Chemicals: You may not realize it, but your house actually contains many chemicals that could prove to be harmful to cats. Make sure to place these out of reach.
  • Appliances: If you have an extra curious cat, appliances can prove to be quite dangerous. Unplug every appliance you don’t need to avoid any electrocution or fires.
  • Keep Doors Open: It's not enough to just leave the doors open for your pet before going on vacation. Make sure they can't accidentally close the room and trap your cat somewhere.


  1. Have Someone Check on Your Cat

The best way to keep your cat safe is to have someone check how they’re doing while you’re away. It can be a close friend, family member, or even a neighbor! It helps to have someone see if they are eating enough and free from any harm.


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