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5 Dog Walking Safety Tips This Summer

Your dog should still get their daily exercise, even during the hot days of summer. However, there are some things you need to take note of before attempting these walks. Dog owners should be aware of how to keep their dogs safe when walking in the summer and what they can do to avoid dehydration and heatstroke!


  1. Be Mindful of the Temperature

Summer can get uncomfortably hot for both humans and dogs. Just imagine, with all the fur your dog is covered in, that heat can be even more dangerous for them! When planning a walk for your dog, you need to be mindful of the temperature to avoid putting them in danger. You may be accustomed to the hot weather, but your dog may struggle with the heat!


  1. Hot Floor

The sun is especially strong during summertime and can heat up the surface to dangerous levels. Your dog doesn't wear footwear like you, so their paws can get seriously hurt if they walk on the hot, sun-soaked floor. A good rule of thumb to follow is that if the floor is too hot for you to touch, then it's way too hot for your dog to walk on. Try walking them in grassy areas or invest in some protective boots to wear if that is the case!


  1. Bring Your Own Water

Dehydration is a severe risk to dogs walking in the summertime, so it's always best to bring your own water and bowl for them to drink during breaks. If you notice them panting heavily or salivating generously, give them a quick break to drink some water and beat the heat! Avoid letting them drink from random puddles and water sources while you're out on your walk to keep them extra safe!


  1. Avoid Overexertion

You need to take into account the heat of summer when walking your dog. They may not be able to do their usual route while the temperature is so high. Overexertion can lead to heat stroke, which is something you should avoid at all costs. Go easy on them and make sure they aren’t overexerting themselves!


  1. Keep Out of the Sun

Avoid leaving your dog in direct sunlight for long periods of time, and look for shaded areas for them to walk in. Dogs, like humans, can get sunburnt and develop skin cancer in areas where they don't have much fur. If you are walking in a sunny location, make sure to put on dog-safe sunscreen on their skin before you head out!

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Healthy pets are happy pets, trust their paws to our caring hands!

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