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Cat Boarding in Centerville

No matter how hard it is to let go, we can’t bring a cat to every place we visit during our life. Whether you’re leaving the country for vacation or just heading out for a busy day of errands your kitty will need a safe place to stay! 

If a pet sitter or trusted friend is not available don’t be afraid to look for a cat boarding facility. 

Boarding your cat is a great way to ensure your cat has great company and treatment in your absence. 

Deciding the Best Cat Boarding Facility for Your Cat

As pet parents, we only want the best quality care for our fur babies. That’s why we’ve put together some key factors to keep in mind when deciding which cat boarding facility is the best for your cat:


  • Comfortable living spaces: Cats love to have their own space and feel the freedom to move around as they see fit. That is why it is essential to make sure the living quarters of your cat will be made to accommodate a cat’s need for freedom to stretch their claws and haunches. 


  • Socialization: A great boarding facility will give your cat the opportunity and time to interact and play with other feline guests. Good company and plenty of play make for a happy and sleepy kitty! 
  • Friendly and flexible staff: Finally, as cat owners, we want to leave our cats with friendly and flexible staff. Each of our cats may have specific needs that need to be met, so leaving our cats in the care of friendly staff will ensure that our cats are being taken care of in the right way. 

Luxury Cat Boarding in Endless Love Pet Palace

At Endless Love Pet Palace, we offer safe, comfortable, and loving care in our cat boarding facility. We would be thrilled to have your feline companion as our guest and ensure only the best quality of care will be given. Your cat will be accommodated in a comfortable condo with frequent check-ins, poop journaling, and professional medication administration if needed. Contact us if you have any questions!


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