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Four Quick Signs Your Pup Has Ticks

Ticks are parasitic arachnids that quest for the blood of a host in order to feed and reproduce. Ticks favor the warmer months of late spring and summer and will be commonly found in grassy wooded regions. When walking or hiking with your pet, stress caution when leaving the trail, or you and your companion may be in for a painful surprise. 


Dogs are masters at hiding their pain, and may not show any easily readable signs that they are enduring a tick infestation. Here are several ways you can tell if your pet is carrying unwanted guests:


  • Engorged body: Before they feed, ticks are small and often difficult to detect. However, once they begin to drink your pet’s blood, they will grow to a more obvious size. So be on the lookout for any strange lumps or tags on your pet’s body. 
  • Irritated itch: Your pet may excessively bite and scratch where the tick has attached.
  • Inflammation: You may notice swollen or inflamed skin on your pet where a tick has embedded itself.
  • Anemia: If your pet has a serious tick infestation, your pet may begin to suffer from the effects of anemia, or blood loss.


Disease complications from ticks can result in a medical emergency for your pet if neglected. If your pet has been bitten by a tick, contact your local veterinarian to schedule an appointment.

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