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Three Ways to Keep Your Pup Comfortable This Winter

As we press onto into the winter seasons the cutting chills of wind and precipitation are becoming more and intense. As humans, we are fortunate that we can take action to stay warm, layering up in cozy sweaters or bundling up with a thick layer of blankets. Sadly, some dogs aren’t as fortunate and may struggle to endure the chilly wrath of the holiday season. 


Some pups, such as those with short hair or thin coats are especially susceptible to chilly air and may need some extra help to stay comfortable. Here are three helpful tips to inspire how to keep your beloved companion warm and cozy this winter season:


  • Limit Outdoor Time: Dog’s can be susceptible to frostbite or hypothermia if left to their own devices for too long. A good rule of thumb, always go outside with your dog during the wintertime to make sure he isn’t getting over-exposed to the elements. 


  • Cozy Warm Bedding: Make your dog a nice cozy den by piling up the blankets! Additionally, keeping your dog’s napping spot away from cold drafts or flooring will go a long way in keeping them comfortable. 


  • Stay Hydrated: Another tip is to keep your pup hydrated. It’s been noted that dogs can easily dehydrate in both the winter and summer seasons. Make sure your dog has access to unfrozen clean water at all times to maintain their health and comfort. 

Endless Love Pet Palace is Here to Keep Your Pup Warm and Content

Endless Love Pet Palace is here to keep your pup comfortable and cozy this winter season. Our compassionate and skilled staff will tend to your pup’s every want and need at our boarding facility. 

While under the caring supervision of our staff, your pup can enjoy some much-needed relaxation in our pet spa. If you have any questions about our boarding requirements or would like to book your companion’s stay, please call us today.


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